Get closer to God

Get closer to God

See all of his creation. Above and below the surface. The worlds oceans are home to many wondrous creatures.

Explore God’s Underwater World with Reef Ministries

Families, church groups, homeschoolers and all underwater enthusiasts – God has revealed His splendor in the vast diversity, beauty and majesty of His ocean realm.  Through Reef Ministries you will learn about His underwater kingdom by exploring it!  Whether scuba diving, snorkeling or simply touring an aquarium, let Reef Ministries’ unique combination of Scripture and science interpret this underwater world in Christ-centered adventures and presentations for you and your group.

Reef Ministries conducts adventures in local and exotic locations, with trips ranging from short 3-hour tours to weekend and week-long retreats.  These adventures include devotionals, custom study guides and even PADI certifications.    If you or your group would like training in scuba diving or snorkeling, Reef Ministries’ highly-trained and highly-credentialed professional scuba diving instructors can accommodate your needs.

There are many Reef Ministries adventures from which to choose.  Simply view this website for the many adventures offered then contact us for more information and reservations.


We are a group of divers devoted to God and to helping others see the splendor he created below the surface of the sea.


Awe inspiring

Se Gods largest most awe inspiring creatures. Manta rays are other creatures are a blessing to dive with. They move like angels with divine grace.

Hidden Beauty

There are so much beauty hidden in the sea. A lot of it more spectacular than anything you can see on land. Diving is the only way to be able see all the beauty of His creation.

More then fish

Fish is the first thing you will see when you make your first dive. There is however so much more to see beneath the waves. Lifeforms that cant be imagined and some familiar faces.

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  • Safe Diving
  • Accepted Globally
  • A good complement to PADI
  • Underwater Sport
  • Protecting Heritage sites

  • Recreate a piece of the ocean
  • Learn more about marine biology
  • Keep your marine fish safe
  • Experience the splendor every day
  • Choose the right Equipment


Here we list praises that people have testified about after scuba diving to get closer to The Lord

I had a wonderful time diving the waters around Curaçao. Getting to see so many types of marine life at the same time really but i in awe of the wonders of his creation.

Stig Molander, Minnesota

I visited reef ministries in Florida and had the experince of my life time. The dives were wonderful and so were the people. I have nothing to complain about.

Agneta Bodström, Sverige

I have dived all around the world. I have dived with whale sharks in Honduras and Tresher Sharks in the Philippines. I have dived with whales, dolphins and turtles but nothing compares to diving with these wonderful people.

James Starling, Oregon